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Hello you! I'm Vale and I'm an animation student. :) I love drawing, video games, some anime, Homestuck, etc.
This blog contains drawing made by me :v skajdhasjkdjksd <3
Feel free to follow :3

(I also speak german and spanish :v ay ay ayyyy)

dosolove asked: Wow~I love your drawings (♡w♡)


asdfhg, aww thanks!! :33 <3 

— 1 week ago
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einaar asked: Hola! solo quería decirte que tus dibujos son extremadamente bonitos para mis ojos. me encantan! tu estilo es muy único y no puedo dejar de verlo. No sabia que estabas en Costa Rica!. Te sigo desde hace un tiempo pero no checo detalles personales, solo me quedo viendo los dibujos con cara de boba. Y pues, solo eso... Suerte en todo!


Awww haha muchisimas gracias! En serio! <3 :) 
Suerte igual a vos! <3 :3

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Anonymous asked: Wow! I just discovered your blog and I am so in love with your art. I admire you so much and I adore your style! Wow! Sorry, you just really inspire me okay? You are so very talented! Please continue your wonderful work! :)


Aww!! <3  Thanks anon! <3 sjkdhaskjd <3 :33

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Anonymous asked: Would you ever continue that cute comic???


Of course, but you people need to tell me how!

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anus-del-rey asked: Yaaaaaaaaas



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android18isbadass asked: Could you do more naked drawings? Please and thanks you!


oki :)

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