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Hello you! I'm Vale and I'm an animation student. :) I love drawing, video games, some anime, Homestuck, etc.
This blog contains drawing made by me :v skajdhasjkdjksd <3
Feel free to follow :3

(I also speak german and spanish :v ay ay ayyyy)

Anonymous asked: i wish you will draw petra ral


..aaaaand I wish I had more time for snk-fan artsu. Maybe next time

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a-phoenix-from-the-ashes asked: Heyyy so I was wondering what program you use to draw?? You're very talented and i just saw the innocent little shy levi omg i can't deal with this


Hello!! and thank you so much!!! <3 :D
Well when I’m done with a sketch I use Photoshop or Sai to make some shadows and lights. For illustrations i also like to use both programs.. but I like Sai a little more hehe 

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butterfiles-and-hurricanes asked: stardust. centrum-mangi. pl/Shy-Levi-Shingeki-no-Kyojin/ I'm not sure if you remember, but you allowed me to retranslate your comic. You wanted to see it final form, so here I am. It's an online version on our reader. Do you like it? (you have to remove space)


HAhaha omg! That’s awesome!! :D Of course I remember xD 
love it! <3 

polish version of shy levi everyone! :D


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Anonymous asked: Holaa! Queria saber cuales son tus artistas favoritos? Hay algunos en los que bases tu estilo? :)


Hola! Claro! Tengo varios que me encantan!

You should stalk them too!

Annette Marnat <3
Hayao Miyazaki
Glen Keane
Pascal Campion
Uwe Heidschötter
Anna Cattish
Chris Sanders
Nneka Myers <3
Betsy Bauer etc.

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Anonymous asked: How long does it usually take you to do your sketches? :)


Hi! Well it depends… for example if I do fan art it’s faster because the character is already designed (maybe 5-20 min (sketch!!) ?) I just add some personal style :P
But when it comes to my own concepts it takes me more time (30+ min)

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anuarlion asked: Me enamore de tu estilo *-* saludos


Hola! Gracias! ;-) 

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Anonymous asked: Wow, your art is really good :O How did you develop your style?? It's really nice!!!!!!!


Hi Anon! :3 Thank you so much!,.. Well drawing everyday xD and drawing things you like (not like)
thank you again! Have a nice day!

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sketchy sketch, (reference)Hey guys, if you are interested in moah sketches you can stalk me on hipstergram &lt;3 thanks for so many beautiful followers!! &lt;3 

sketchy sketch, (reference)
Hey guys, if you are interested in moah sketches you can stalk me on hipstergram <3 thanks for so many beautiful followers!! <3 

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Anonymous asked: Oh por dios dibujas hermoso /w\ eso chao asd


Muchas gracias Anon! <3 hihi bueno chau

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